June 1, 2019 -  VENEZUELA

In a five-month investigation of Venezuela by The New York Times, doctors at 21 public hospitals in 17 states across the country said that their emergency rooms were being overwhelmed by children with severe malnutrition, a condition they had rarely encountered before the economic crisis began. Hundreds have died.

This year WLM partnered with @bolsitasdeamor, a nonprofit which serves exclusively to help children in Venezuelan hospitals. Due the severity of the situation in Venezuela our bags will also be including food and baby formula. Please join us by DONATING today, all donations help fill care bags. We are also accepting baby formula of any brand, baby cereal and pediasure, for drop off location please call 786-367-8615 or email us contact@withlovemiami.org.



May 9 - 13, 2018 - NICARAGUA

Nicaragua is the least developed country in Central America, and the second poorest in the Americas by nominal GDP. In Nicaragua, nearly one out of every two persons lives below the poverty line. Children are the first to suffer from this deplorable economic situation, all the more so since financial aid for families is rare and the amount of money miniscule.

We visited the city of Chontales and the hospitals in the small towns within it. We got to deliver care bags to many young mothers of rural areas. Many of them had no beds and were in waiting areas but were still in happy spirits and extremely grateful for the bags. The smile on their faces and the sense that someone cared for them - was priceless.

A special thank you to the people of Nicaragua who helped us once we arrived, they assisted with transportation as well as food and shelter.

A very SPECIAL THANK YOU to all of our DONORS, without your donations we could not have made this possible and we are beyond grateful.

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