May 9 - 13, 2018 - Nicaragua: We visited the city of Chontales and the small towns within it. We partnered with residents of Chontales to aid us once we arrived. They assisted with transportation as well as food and shelter. Our trip was a success as we got to visit many families who are in need of hope and help. Thank you to the people of Nicaragua who assisted us and a very special thank you to all of our donors. Without the your donations we could not have made this happen and we are beyond grateful.

May  2019 - We are so excited to announce that this year we have decided to send our care bags to VENEZUELA 🇻🇪 ❤️!!! We will be partnering again with @bolsitasdeamor and together we hope to send as many bags as possible. Want to help us send these care bags? Hit the donate button now!

May 2020 - TBD

May 2021 - TBD


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