2020 Upcoming Fundraising Events


2019 Fundraising Events

February 14: 2nd Annual Valentine's Day Raffle (Sponsored by Four Seasons Hotel)

March 9: Queens for a Cause Brunch (Sponsored by Bonefish Grill)

April 11: 2nd Annual WLM Happy Hour hosted by Titanic Restaurant

May 18: 2nd Annual Walk With Love 3K

2018 Fundraising Events

February 10: Valentine's Day Raffle (Sponsored by Gin & Jewels)

March 14: WLM Happy Hour at Lincoln's Beard Brewing Company

March 19: Lunch & Learn with WMBA Club and Ziff Career Service

April 21: Walk With Love 3K

May 9: WLM Care Bags Trip

November 13: Pop Up Market at the University of Miami

We serve under The Coral Gables Community Foundation, which is a 501 (c) (3) corporation and has exclusive legal control over the contributed assets. www.gablesfoundation.org