Welcome to With Love Miami

at the Coral Gables Community Foundation

“No one has ever become poor by giving.” ― Anne Frank

What is "With Love Miami"?

With Love Miami is a charity project bringing communities together to serve a bigger purpose. We want to bring hope and love to families who may sometimes find themselves needing assistance. By volunteering in our community and giving back, we strive to enrich our neighborhoods as well as each other. We invite you to join us in donating or volunteering as we try to help as many families as possible.
Love Beyond Boarders
A With Love trip is held every year, in each trip care bags will be dispersed among families with newborn babies in underdeveloped countries. These families come from all regions of the country, many of them from the rural areas where materials like these are hard to find or extremely expensive. Want to learn more? Go to our "Trips" tab and see how you can be a part of this amazing journey.
Neighbors helping Neighbors
Life gets busy but once a month With Love Miami serves as a helping hand around South Florida for those in need. If you'd like to join us simply visit the "Get Involved" tab.
A patient with her newborn baby at the Juan Pablo Pina public hospital in San Cristóbal, Dominican Republic.

Why we do this?

Currently* (2017 Census), South Florida has a 14.7 percent of its population living in poverty. At With Love Miami, we want to assist the community as much as possible so we can create a dent in future poverty levels. By volunteering and getting involved we hope to bring awareness and educate surrounding communities. 

Globally 2.6 million babies died in the first month of life, approximately 1 million dying on the first day and about 1 million dying within the next 6 days of being born. Studies show newborns who die within the first 28 days of birth suffer from conditions and diseases associated with lack of quality care at birth or skilled care and treatment immediately after birth. Many of these families are living in extremely impoverished areas and a care package like this can help in a tremendous way. Our mission is to reach as many families as possible and ensure that these newborns receive the basic care they deserve.


We serve under The Coral Gables Community Foundation, which is a 501 (c) (3) corporation and has exclusive legal control over the contributed assets. www.gablesfoundation.org